• Now in 12.12 LBS / 5,500 GM
  • Packed With High Quality Calories
    Imaginative Delicious Flavors
    Most Ideal Protein Carbs Ratio 1:4
  • Increased Phosphocreatine Synthesis
    Improve Performance by 5-15%
    Absolute power output
  • Rapid Recovery
    Healthy Immune System
  • Ion Exchange whey protein isolate
    Increased bio-availabilty for Muscle Building
    Imaginative delicious flavors


  • 'wow, It cannot be better then this', First brand I have tasted that have excellent quality products, made with highest safety and also the initiative the company took to provide the world-class genuine products in India.
    by Sheru Aangrish - Co-Founder & CEO, Sheru Classic Production Pvt. Ltd.

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